The performance

From the Maaspromenade in Maastricht the boat will make a trip on the Maas. Along the way stories about the history of Maastricht will be told by the historian Jac van den Boogard. At the lock of Borgharen you will hear the sounding illusion designed by Rod Summers and Kaspar König. The boa will continue its trip to the construction harbour of the Grensmaas at Itteren.

Fotograaf_Hetty_van_der_VeldenRight from the moment of embarking at the Maaspromenade in Maastricht a sounding and theatrical exploration through time will start. After a boat trip of about 30 minutes we will take a walk on the gravel extraction area between Voulwammes and Itteren. During that walk the landscape litterally and metaphorically has a voice. As an example a fanfare will play a requiem for the village of Herbricht, which is about to disappear. We shall hear the wells of the Maas, see a pas-de-deux for two excavators and witness a conversation between a gravel intallation, a brass quartet and a soprano. And not to forget: we hear the improvisation of a string quartet with reed birds 10 metres below the surface. After a 90 minutes’ walk we arrive at Hoeve Hartelstein where a consumption will be ready (waiting) for you, because the poet Willem Kloos already knew: ‘Nature is beautiful, but a drink is essential’. During your walk on this unique location you will be surprised by brilliant performances of composers, sound artists, voice artists and poets. The natural landscape offers a unique background for the various artists. A symbiosis will be formed between nature, culture and history. Get on board of this unique experience.