Introduction Ragen

The foundation of Ragen has joined its forces for the realisation of the project Sonic Landscapes unique for Limburg and the Euregion titled: ‘The border Maas tells’.

‘The border Maas tells’.

The foundation of Ragen borrows its name from the strong, organic fibre, in which spiders hide and catch their prey. They join wafer-thin elastic threads out of nowhere and acquire their place in nature.Fotograaf_Hetty_van_der_Velden Often hidden, but still visible in the early sunlight or covered with a layer of dew, the webs appear to be unique pieces of art which love to be admired and then make us become silent. For the foundation of Ragen connection and stimulating admiration are central. With the landscape Sonic Landscapes as a starting point it now prepares a prologue ‘Het Maassediment’ as part of a large future project in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands (Limburg).


A Sonic Landscape

A sonic landscape clears a way through a landscape where elements of cultural, religious, industrial and military heritage become visible. The river landscape of the Maas in the Euregion is the starting point of the first sonic landscape. Talented sound and visual artists, composers, musicians, choreographers, directors and designers form a story that belongs to this surrounding. These sonic landscapes on location give the audience a new look on what is generally considered to be our surroundings and changes our view on our relation with the daily nature and culture.

A platform for sound and performance arts

The foundation of Ragen has as a goal to become a platform for sound and performance arts where local, national and international talent scan, develop and contribute to the reinforcement and further development of the arts in the Euregion.